About project

Development of visual novels with integrated blockchain.

Write a scenarios, participate in the vote. And the game according to your scenario will be created.

Earn on your scenarios. Each scene painter receives a share of the replenishment of the account in the games.


Thousand Kisses
Simulator of life in the style of the visual novel.

Game currency

We integrated BlockChein wig to replenish the strength of characters in games.

Increase character strength

With the help of coins, you can increase the strength of the character or open closed locations.

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Vote for game development

Vote for the scenarios that we will develop first.

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Do you want to create a game according to your story?

Send your story to us by e-mail and we will help you.

E-mail: kiragame.team@gmail.com

Earn on your stories

Every story writer makes a profit from the replenishment of "strength" in games.